NF-light® reagents



UmanDiagnostics are now introducing four new products. The monoclonal antibodies and protein standard from the NF-light® ELISA assay are now available as stand-alone, Research Use Only, products.

Art. no.


Item size

27016 Anti NF-L mAb 47:3 (UD1)
Capture antibody NF-light® ELISA
100 μg;
1 mg
27017 Anti NF-L mAb 2:1 (UD2)
Non biotinylated detection antibody NF-light® ELISA
100 μg;
1 mg
27018 Biotin Labelled Anti NF-L mAb 2:1 (UD3)
Detection antibody NF-light® ELISA

100 μg


27001 Standard NF-L, lyophilized
NF-light® ELISA protein standard
Single use, bovine NF-L
Single vial


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