Efficient and accurate detection of brain disease with NF-light®




The NF-light® (Neurofilament light) ELISA allows fast quantification (<3 hours) of neurofilment light in cerebrospinal fluid. The amount of sample is small (50 μl) and the standard curve ranges from 100 – 10000 pg/ml allowing for direct measurements of NF-L in many different neurological conditions.

Immunoassay for quantitative determinations

Neurofilaments constitutes the backbone of the neuronal cytoskeleton and are important for the maintenance of the axonal calibre and thereby the velocity of nerve impulses. Neurofilament light is the quantitative most common of the three different neurofilament chains. When the axon is damaged due to direct trauma or slow degenerative processes the content leaks out to the surrounding tissue. Neurofilament light has been shown to be present in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with diseases affecting the white matter. Typical disease are Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Parkinsons disease.


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Catalog number 10-7001 CE; 10-7002 RUO
Kit size 12 x 8
Standard range 100-10000 pg/ml
Specimen /volumes 50 μl CSF
Method ELISA
Substrate TMB
Regulatory Status EU:CE ; US:RUO

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